5 Reasons to Join
LeTip of South Carroll

What Really Makes LeTip Different?

Why LeTip? Why business networking? Very few marketing strategies will yield the results that networking will and before you consider other lead-generating networking groups, we invite you to join our group for breakfast – we’ll even buy your breakfast on your first two visits. Here are 5 reasons why LeTip is a great lead-generating group for your business.

5 Reasons to Join LeTip

Dollars in Your Pocket icon

Dollars In Your Pocket™

Through weekly tips, you will get quality leads, grow your business through new contacts, and create more revenue in your business.

Better Public Speaking icon

Better Public Speaking

Speaking in front of others is essential to growing your business. Each week you’ll have an opportunity to hone your message with your weekly pitch.

Loyalty & Friendship icon

Loyalty & Friendships

LeTip is like a family. You'll find that your fellow members are loyal to not only learning about your business, but also helping you grow your business.

Network: Source of Referrals icon

Source of Referrals

Recommending the right person or business to family, friends, and clients is a much better experience when you have someone you can trust.

Feel Good Happy Feeling icon

Feel Good

Helping others achieve their goals and grow professionally stimulates positive vibes. The feel good factor is real and part of the giver’s gain mentality.

Send and Receive Business Leads Every Week

What is a "Tip"?

"Tips" are not just referrals and are definitely not cold leads. A “Tip” (in LeTip) is a qualified lead from one member to another. Meaning, when you receive a Tip from your fellow member, you can count on that lead as being “pre-sold” and that contact is expecting your call within 24 hours of you receiving that Tip. We underscore and emphasize the qualification of these Tips because that’s what makes LeTip different from all of the other “lead-based” networking organizations.

What Makes

LeTip Different?

History & Longevity

LeTip started in 1978 with one purpose – to put “Dollars in Your Pocket.” LeTip of South Carroll chapter was established in 2001

Structure & Commitment

LeTip is a not a casual drop-in social networking group. While those are fun too, the structure of LeTip is what keeps members committed to learning about one another and becoming each other’s external sales teams.

Qualified Leads

Leads from members are not simply dead-end referrals. These are pre-sold prospects that are expecting a call from you because they are seeking your expertise or a solution to their problem – and they’re looking for someone they can trust. Because they already trust your co-member, they’re more likely to trust you right off the bat.

Support & Education

With resources like online training, professional seminars, and training for board and committee members, LeTip is committed to educating and supporting an upbeat, positive corporate culture for each chapter and its’ members.

Return on Investment

There are not many marketing activities that can produce the kind of return on your investment like LeTip can. While we make no guarantees, we can tell you that many of our members see thousands in revenue produced and often tens of thousands produced from the referrals of fellow members.

Non-Competitive Environment

Each business category is represented by one member. In other words, you won’t be battling against your competitors. Members will be learning about your business each week and quickly making referrals to you. Before you know it, connections will be made with clients you may never have found on your own.


We invite you to be our guest and we will buy you breakfast for your first two visits. We want to get to know you.

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