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LeTip of South Carroll is a Lead-Based Networking Group in Eldersburg, MD that meets every Thursday morning to build relationships and generate real business leads. We are currently 19 members strong and actively seeking new members.

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Based in Maryland,
Networked Nationwide

"Tips" are not just referrals and are definitely not cold leads. A “Tip” (in LeTip) is a qualified lead from one member to another. Meaning, when you receive a Tip from your fellow member, you can count on that lead as being “pre-sold” and that contact is expecting your call within 24 hours of you receiving that Tip. We underscore and emphasize the qualification of these Tips because that’s what makes LeTip different from all of the other “lead-based” networking organizations.

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Why LeTip
of South Carroll?

5 Reasons to Join

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Meeting Format

7:00 am

Greetings, Handshakes, & Breakfast Orders

7:16 am

The meeting begins with the Pledge of Allegiance & the LeTip creed. Board members and officers are introduced.

Guests are introduced and each guest is given 1-2 minutes to give their own introduction.

Members and guests pass their business cards.

Speakers are introduced and given 10 minutes for their presentation.

Chapter business is conducted, such as committee reports, new member recognition, inspector's reports, lucky devil, attendance report, etc.

Members and guest give their 30-second business commercial.

8:31 am

The meeting concludes with a reminder to especially keep the speaker(s) at the top of their mind for tips and to bring guests the next week.


We invite you to be our guest and we will buy you breakfast for your first two visits. We want to get to know you.

Our Members

If you don’t see your business category represented by one of our members, consider the category open.

How Can We
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Here are some reasons why LeTip of South Carroll is a great lead generating group for growing your business.